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How Android Phones can now Tell if an Airtag is following a user

When Google indicated that trackers would be suitable to tie in to its 3 billion- device Bluetooth tracking network at its Google I/ O 2023 conference, it also said that it would make it easier for people to avoid being tracked by trackers they do not know about, like Apple AirTags.

Now Android druggies will soon get these” Unknown Tracker cautions.” Grounded on the common specification developed by Google and Apple, and incorporating feedback from shamus makers like Tile and Chipolo, the cautions presently work only with Air Tags, but Google says it’ll work with label manufacturers to expand its content.

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For now, if an Air Tag you do not enjoy” is separated from its proprietor and determined to be travelling with you,” an announcement will tell you this and that” the proprietor of the shamus can see its position.” Tapping the announcement brings up a chart tracing back to where it was first seen travelling with you.
Google notes that this position data” is always translated and no way participated with Google.” Further into the prompts, you can make the shamus play a sound,” without the proprietor of the shamus knowing,” Google says.
However, some trackers may give their periodical number and information about their proprietor,” like the last four integers of their phone number, if you bring the shamus to the reverse of your phone (presumably within NFC range).” Google indicates it’ll also link to information about how to physically disable a shamus.
Eventually, Google offers a homemade checkup point if you are suspicious that your Android phone is not catching a shamus or want to see what is near. The cautions are rolling out through a Google Play services update to bias on Android6.0 and over the coming weeks.
How does this relate to Google’s planned expansion of its Find My Device network, which would allow everyone holding the world’s most popular smartphone zilches to take part in global scavenger hunts for trackers?
Since user safety and tracking prevention are “Android’s top priority”, Google is working to finalise the General Tracking Specification “by the end of the year”.

And so: “At this point, we’ve made the decision to pause the Find My Device network rollout until Apple implements protections for iOS.”

As previously reported, though while iPhones and Android phones offer massive economies of scale for someone walking within Bluetooth range of the device, you must choose which side of exclusivity to place your hopes on.
While Apple and Google work together to prevent malicious use of their tracking networks, including knowing what each other’s tracking signals look like, their devices won’t be able to work through them. Mining division system. This forced companies like Chipolo and Tile to create different versions of each device for both companies’ networks.