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The Media And Publications Unwittingly Shifts The Spotlight, Neglecting The Arts Sector – George Quaye

Source: Citi TV/ MC Paa Saahene

George Nii Armah Quaye, celebrated George Quaye (GQ), who pinch-hits as an actor and lead communications person at Charterhouse Productions Limited, has made assertions on how the media has shifted the spotlight to other sectors, yet neglecting the arts sector.

The celebrated actor and media personality GQ as part of promoting his
Stage play, “The Gods Are Not To Blame”, had an interview with the Accra based Citi Tv and made the assertion that the world is full of captivating stories and diverse talents, but it seems the arts sector has been inadvertently pushed to the sidelines, the shift has left artists, creators and enthusiasts to yearn for more recognition and support.

He mentioned that the media landscape has always been dynamic and ever evolving, mirroring the changing interests and preferences of its audience. However, recent trends show an increasing emphasis on other sectors, accidentally neglecting the arts. While technologies, science and politics certainly deserve their fair share of attention, it’s essential not to overlook the invaluable contributions of the arts.

He further mentioned that the arts in its various forms has long served as a powerful tool for expression, exploration and reflection. Whether it’s through music, paintings, literature, dance or theatre, the arts have the ability to touch souls, challenging our perspectives and igniting our imaginations, yet in the current media landscape, the arts are finding themselves with limited platforms to showcase their brilliance.

Artists and creators often rely on the media and publications to amplify their voices and connect with the audience on a broader scale. However, with the shift in focus, many talented individuals are struggling to find adequate coverage and exposure. This lack of attention not only hinders the growth and appreciation of the arts but also deprives society of the rich cultural tapestry that arts bring to our lives.

He finally urged the media outlets and publications to recognize the importance of nurturing the arts sector and providing it with the platform to flourish. The actor pleaded with the media to at least dedicate a day in the week to consciously talk about the arts sector, giving more attention to the arts, can rediscover the magic that lies within this vibrant and creative realm.