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‘SOJA’ Gets You Past Your Fears – Black Sherif.

‘SOJA’ Gets You Past Your Fears– Black Sherif.

Ghanaian multi talented musician, Sherif Ismail Mohammamned, largely known as Black Sherif, released ‘Soja’ today and it’s already making waves.

Music fans who anticipated for the release of Black Sherif’s single dubbed ‘Soja’, have been wondering what the meaning and the inspiration behind this particular song is, well , Black Sherif has explained the inspiration and the lyrics behind the song.

Speaking with a group of panelists in a radio studio including the 3Music Network boss, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Black Sherif just a few hours after dropping the song explained to them the inspiration and the message.

According to him, the song talks about how to get past your fears in order not to allow your own anxieties and negative energies sway them off their purpose and goals in life.

He again said the song also speaks about how people should brace themselves against all negative energies and their own anxieties in order not to loose focus in their lives.

Blacko said that he could not get ‘Soja’ out of his mind for about a week after writing it but it was removed from the list of songs on his “The Villian I Never Was” album.

However, his team added back the song after listening to it , and encouraged him to release the song in order for it to serve its purpose.

‘Soja’ comes after several months of music starvation which also comes months after he dropped his “Kwaku The Traveler” which gained dominance across the world and also topped charts.

The song become No.1 on Apple Music both in Nigeria and Ghana and the composer became one of the few musicians in Ghana to achieve that progress in their music career.

The single dropped last night, and it’s already riding number 1 on all platforms.

Only 9 hours after its release, Soja clocks over 60,000 views on YouTube with no visuals.