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“I Didn’t Fake My Accident For Promotion”- Sonnie Badu Finally Reveals What Happened

Not even ministers of God or gospel performers in Ghana are immune to the dragging that occurs among Ghanaian internet users. They will take whatever opportunity they have to drag someone, they do that without minding who the person is. That is exactly what happened to Ghanaian UK- based gospel singer and preacher Sonnie Badu. He has been in Ghana for a while now promoting his upcoming show ‘ Sonnie Badu Live In Concert- Rhythms of Africa’ .

He has been to many radio and television stations creating awareness about the concert slated for the coming weekend. However, it came as a surprise when he posted on all his social media platforms that he was involved in a domestic accident which led him to undergo surgery. He posted alongside photos of himself in crutches and at the hospital wearing a hospital robe and cap. Read his post below:

” Beloved, I wish to announce that I was involved in a domestic accident yesterday and had to undergo major surgery. By the grace of God, I am doing well and recuperating. I want to wholeheartedly apologize to the Churches and media houses that expected my presence on the last day and were disappointed.

In the name of Jesus, I want to assure the good people of Ghana and everywhere else that ‘ Sonnie Badu Live In Concert- Rhythms of Africa’ will still come off on Saturday, Dec 9, 2023. Grab your tickets and come witness the glory and presence of God. The devil really tried it, but we only win. ”

This went viral and a lot of prayers and well wishes were pouring in for the man of God. At the same time, many were dragging him for being a liar. According to them, he is doing this as a publicity stunt to promote his concert. Some even said he wanted an excuse not to be on United Showbiz show and this is not the first time he dodged it.

Last night, Sonnie Badu put the nay- sayers to shame by appearing on United Showbiz to tell his story and what truly happened that led to the surgery. According to his narration, it was the dawn of Thursday and it started to drizzling. Sonnie said he came out to do some things out of happiness seeing the rain.

Along the line, the man of God said he slipped and fell on stairs outside his house and some rods pierced his leg. He was rushed to the hospital where he went through two hours of surgery. He retaliated that those who thought he was doing PR for his upcoming concert can now be rest assured that he was indeed involved in a domestic accident.

He added that he is a soldier and can’t be brought down by mere accident. Sonnie said the show is still on and Ghanaians should get ready for a life-changing experience this coming Saturday. What do you think of his explanation about the accident?