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Beach Fm Readies To Unveil New On Air Personalities

Beach Fm Readies To Unveil New On Air Personalities

Beach Fm, a Takoradi-based urban radio station, tempted its fans and the entire Western Region with a post last week.

Beach Fm used its social media accounts to keep netizens guessing with posts on their accounts.

Rumors picking up from an insider at Beach Fm told our team about why the station is keeping netizens guessing with their social media posts.

The insider at Beach Fm gave us rumor, that they’re keeping netizens on their radar because they want to introduce fresh on-air personalities.

Netizens and Beach Fm fans should expect silhouettes of the new on-air personalities to be revealed soon, the insider claims.

The date for unveiling their new on-air personality has been revealed by John Kojo Nzolley. The unveiling will take place on Friday, April 1, 2022, according to him.

We asked the insider for a clue for the names of the personalities who would be unveiled, but stated the surprise will be revealed if we followed their page.

Who do you think will be joining Beach Fm’s family?