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Top 4 Nations Continue to provide Free Scholarships for Foreign Students

countries offering free scholarships for international students

It is the dream of most young people aspiring to attain higher education to gain scholarships at the international level. Since international education comes with expensive tuition fees, most international students especially those in the Africa diaspora who lack the resources are unable to apply. But there are Universities in some top level countries offering free admission to international students in 2023.

If students are able to submit the appropriate applications, there are also universities with affordable tuition.
It’s almost the end of the second quarter of 2023, yet these nations are shockingly still providing scholarships to help students who are struggling financially. Among these top nations are Austria, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Finland, and Norway.

1. Finland
Every year, countries in North Europe known as the Nordic countries including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and many others offer free scholarships and low cost tuition for international students. In Finland, Doctoral level education remains free for every international student with the desire to study. So those who aspire to pursue doctorate education level can apply. There are however low cost ranging from 1,500-1600 euros per year to no EU students.

2. Norway
Just like Germany, tuition for students in state universities in Norway are free. International students who wish to study in Norway must provide proof of proficiency in Norwegian since majority of their undergraduate programs are taught only in Norwegian. There are however a semester fee of NOK 300-600 per year needed to pay to cover for bus, cafeteria, and other essential services to aid studies.

3. Germany
Germany is gradually becoming the hub for international students. In Germany, public universities provide free tuition fees for both German and international students. Anyone who has interest in Undergraduate and graduate degrees can target any public university in Germany and there would be no need to pay tuition fees. The only fees available in these public universities are for administrative purposes and these ranges from 100 to 200 euros annually. The administrative fees covers free bus services and cafeteria.

4. Iceland
Iceland also has free tuition for all public Universities. Students will however need to pay a nonrefundable application fee of 250 euros. Private Universities in Iceland charge fees but very low for students from other European countries.
International students with the desire to attain higher education can apply to universities in these countries.