I Can’t Deny The Impact Blacks Have Had On The World– Kofi Jamar.

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I Can’t Deny The Impact Blacks Have Had On The World – Kofi Jamar.

The ‘Ekorso’ hitmaker, Kofi Jamar took to his Twitter page on Monday September 19, 2022 to state that, he believes blacks have behoved largely from slavery.

To him, the likes of Michael Jackson wouldn’t have been found if not for the fact that his ancestors were sold into slavery.

Bringing out the controversial tweet, Kofi Jamar expressed in a statement that Blacks need to acknowledge the fact that they have in most ways behoved from slavery.

“Despite all the ills of the inhumane selling and buying of human beings, Kofi Jamar believes rap music, RnB and pop culture wouldn’t have been birthed if not for slavery.

People will kill me for this, but our ancestors really knew what they were doing when they sold Most Africans into slavery, it has been of a larger influence on the world as we see today.

I swear we wouldn’t have had the likes of the Blues, RnB , Rock and Roll, Rap Music, Hiphop Music”

“Etc . Blacks have benefited and impacted the world a lot in so many ways due to that migration. Shhh we wouldn’t have had the likes of Jay z, Lebron, Michael Jackson , Kanye West , Virgil abloh and a whole lot you can mention”

Most Ghanaians have disagreed with him on his fact and have taken to social media to express their displeasure and disappointed in the singer.

Many disagree with the singer and are of the view that Slavery caused Africans their culture and pride.

‘Efo Edem is back’ said: “So Kofi Jamar is implying we have blues, RnB, Rap music, etc in America because of slavery? Beri Tiga, 18 yrs a Nigeria Afro beats artist is dropping bangers and you are here trying to justify slavery ? Naa cook this guy”

Pronounced; A-DO-KWAY said: “Kofi Jamar’s tweet is everything that was and is still wrong with our educational system, especially studies where there were topics like “Advantages of colonialism & slavery” lol”

yaw abban wrote: “Kofi Jamar blacks didn’t migrate. They were forced from the arms of their parents, chained, caged & shipped to America, and Europe to, work in the fields, pick cotton under severe conditions. mistreated, raped, lynched & spat on. Mo ma next generation no y3 scary oo”

Kofi Jamar has since deleted the tweet and apologized to those it might have rubbed wrongly.

He wrote: “I apologize for my tweet. My great grandfather, Prempeh the 1st was captured as a result of the colonial regime, I’ve been affected by what happened in many ways. All through the deed of slavery is wrong I can’t deny the impact Blacks have had on the world today because of that”

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