Ahead Of The Gift Of God (GOG) Album, I Wanted Party In The Park To Be Shatta Wale Alone

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Ghanaian dancehall singer, Shatta Wale has detailed reasons he wasn’t seen at this year’s ‘Ghana in the Park’ concert which happened on Saturday, July 16, 2022, regardless of he being the main act for the show.

The contentious singer, mentioned a disagreement had ensued between him and the organizers, which made him to quit the show in the eleventh hour.

Dennis Tawiah breached an agreement he had with him to make him the only performer of the night, according to Shatta.

Shatta Wale pronounced, “I was in America, and I called Dennis and told him that they’ve done Party in the Park for the past years, but they haven’t done any special edition. So I’m about to launch my Gift of God (GOG) album, and I want you guys to make a special edition for me.

“This year’s Party in the Park should be Shatta Wale alone. Yes, Me alone as the only musician.”

Revealing on Good Evening Ghana, he stated that his contribution to the above agreement was a free performance.

“I told him that this show that we are about to organize, I want him to take all the proceeds. I don’t need money. But just organise this thing for me so well so I can come with my team and perform.”

Shatta Wale said he later saw the flyer advertising other artists to perform alongside, which goes contrary to the plan. He highlighted this by saying, “The day I was supposed to fly, I told him, Dennis, if you want me to come, then you have to give me £100,000.”

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